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STSK9 is proud to provide a professional online training platform for students  Online Courses and webinars can be viewed from your computer, tablet, or cell phone in the comfort of your home, on your schedule, at any time with unlimited access!

Online courses and webinars include hours of in-depth theory, discussion of critical concepts, and video demonstrations of Nino’s foundational work to ensure online students receive the same high-quality education as in-person students.

And of course, there is the STSK9 Flagship: The Master View Certification Program – this program is the blueprint to everything dog training with over 500 videos of step-by-step guides and tutorials covering the journey from puppy to adulthood.


ONLINE Classes


These are our most popular classes and have done incredibly well for our students.


The  blueprint of every single dog and handler performance through Step-by-Step tutorials 

We meet trainers on a daily basis saying they WISH they could be and train like Nino, and wonder if it’s even possible and our answer always is ‘there’s no need to wish because you can do it, all you need to do is take this program and we will help you through the entire process!


A program that includes A-Z of positive dog training.

This program is made for all dog handlers, dog trainers, and pet owners who would like to learn how to train their dogs more advanced and enhanced skills using positive methods. This program does not require the use of tools, it will teach you different approaches that will also strengthen your relationship with your dog.



At STSK9 we are proud of our student achievements, our student tab is a place where we can
show you what can be achieved with our system and effort. These students are from all over the
world! They started their journey to ultimate control with our online learning programs and
master path system. Now we want to share their successes with you through our student
Do you want to see your video in the spotlight? It’s easy, take a course, refine your skills then share your success on our online platforms like Facebook and Instagram for your chance to be added to our student spotlight segment!