BY STSK9 - Nino Drowaert


In order to establish and maintain absolute – or ultimate – control, you will need to understand, internalize, and ultimately master the Five Pillars - Movement, Visuals, Drive, Vocals and Grip. When you master these, you will open up doors for you and your dog that you never thought were possible to open.

In our UltimateControl® system we will break down every pillar in theory, as well as application. Once the course moves to application, the focus shifts to handler skills. This is the connection, the bridge from mind to body, as you must translate these ideas into action and movement. Dogs are active creatures who speak with movement, and for us to truly control them, we must speak with movement as well.
The true goal of ultimate control is not just to master the concept of absolute control over your dog's behavior, but rather to control how your dog thinks and perceives the world.

In your efforts to mastering the 5 Pillars you will inevitably unlock massive potential in your dog, developing the dog for any application (IPO, Ringsports, Police work, Obedience,..) at the highest level. Mastering control over a dog is not just about having an obedient dog, you need to gain control over multiple behaviors which requires entering the dog’s mind. It is only by entering the dog's mind, and understanding how it thinks, that you can reach ultimate control.

Most dogs are masters at controlling and predicting their handlers. It is time to turn the tables with UltimateControl®!


Mastery over these pillars will result in UltimateControl®


Master HANDLER FOCUS and TARGET FOCUS and SWITCH between both


Master the dog's DRIVE LEVELS and gain FULL CONTROL


Master vocals by controlling PASSIVE and ACTIVE GUARDS


Master the HOLD and OUT on any item

UltimateControl® Camp

In UltimateControl® Camp, we will go far beyond the idea of having an “obedient” dog. Once you fully understand the application of the 5 Pillars, obedience becomes a trivial expression. In UltimateControl® Camp you learn to master the concept of ultimate control over more than just your dog’s behaviors, but to control how it thinks, and perceives the world.  

Handler skill is the connection, the bridge from mind to body translating ideas into action and movement.

Nino Drowaert

Entering the mind of the dog, understanding what you encounter inside, and then harnessing the power it contains is where we are headed.

Nino Drowaert

Developer UltimateControl®