UltimateControl is more then just a catch phrase, it is a mindset. 

After many years in the dog training industry Nino was still left feeling like standard and traditional methods were missing a key piece of the dog training puzzle.
The industry had failed to develop and progress. Innovation in training was non-existent and the phrase “we’ve always done it this way” was a mantra in sport rings, training schools and law enforcement agencies. The best performing dog was viewed as the best coach/trainer, and that training method was accepted as the new standard of excellence without any critical or ethical questioning.

It was this mentality that started Ninos journey to develop a system that utilized a more holistic approach which would work with the dog’s natural ability and talents while maintaining the spirt of the dog. Nino believed that there was a better way, that he needed to develop a system that opened the door to what the dog is able to do, the innate talent that we had not discovered yet.
Ultimate control was not about taking away the instinctual behaviors of the dog to achieve a result. It was built by examining what natural instincts needed to be left intact to foster an intense desire for drive and work, while working with the dog and handler’s talent.


The five pillars


Given his ambitious plans, Nino searched for experts in the field of learning theory with whom he could collaborate to refine his training methods. These collaborations led to the innovative STSK9 UltimateControl system. 
After meeting Professor and doctor Marc Debisschop for a private seminar, his ground-breaking work as a pioneer in talent development was adapted to the field of dog training in collaboration with Nino’s extensive k9 experience, the implementation of STSK9 UltimateControl now forms the backbone of a broader scientific based training process.
Nino applies this new methodology to coach dog trainers and professionals, He discovered that in order to establish and maintain absolute – or ultimate – control, you needed to understand, internalize, and ultimately master the Five Pillars of a dog’s skill.
Movement, Visuals, Drive, Vocals and Grip. When you master these, you will open doors for you and your dog that you never thought were possible to open.


Although it has been established in practice that the handler has the most important part in the development process of the dog, one does not know how to do this from a scientific and coaching approach. This is where people tend to drop the ball a bit, or completely.
If we then go a step further, and see how talent development fits into this story, then it becomes very quiet in dog (sports) training land …
Talent development? Whose? The dog’s? And what even is ‘talent development of the dog’? And if you think you already know, ‘how do you use it then’? And above all: what does it bring us? What added value? To perform better?
STSK9 wants to be the first organization in the world that does reach out to other professional sectors and disciplines that can be inspiring and stimulating, but from a completely different focus: talent development.
STSK9 is therefore not a ‘dog trainers organization’ but rather an organization that pairs up the potential of the dog with that of the handler, and if there is a match, guides both dog and handler in fully unlocking the talent so that both are capable of performing at a high standard.

action and movement

focus shift

The UltimateControl system breaks down every pillar in theory, as well as application.
Once the course moves to application, the focus shifts to handler skills. This is the connection, the bridge from mind to body, and you must translate these ideas into action and movement. Dogs are active creatures who speak with movement, and for us to truly control them, we must speak with movement as well.
The true goal of ultimate control is not just to master the concept of absolute control over your dog’s behavior, but rather to control how your dog thinks and perceives the world.
In your efforts to mastering the 5 Pillars you will inevitably unlock massive potential in your dog, developing the dog for any application (IPO, Ring sports, Police work, Personal protection dog training, Freestyle,…)


Mastery over these pillars will result in UltimateControl






Handler skill is the connection, the bridge from mind to body translating ideas into action and movement.


Are you wondering what inner talents you and your dog posses? 

Identify areas for improvement and accelerate talents by understanding the process of their development. STSK9 Talent Scans are a scienced based psychometric evaluation of you and your dog’s talent and energy management, developed with Prof. Marc Debisschop.

Talent scans are paired with one hour individualized feedback and PDF’s so you get a complete picture of what will lead to training success and personal growth. 

It’s time to trust your talent!