At STSK9 we are proud of our student achievements, our student tab is a place where we can show you what can be achieved with our system and effort. These students are from all over the world! They started their journey to ultimate control with our online learning programs and master path system. Now we want to share their successes with you through our student spotlight! 

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A young dog trainer from Canada who attended our webinars Puppy University and E-University online. 

A few months later we started working with online sessions and the Master Path.

Her progress is nothing less but spectacular. Her twelve month old shepherd VYKOR in the video below is displaying his awesome talent and skill. Becky is one of the most humble people in the industry and watch her closely catch up with the bigger names in dog training as she just started training working dogs. 

Becky also took our professional TaPas™ scan to determine her control mechanisms that are activated unconsciously while under pressure.


matt folsom

What a story! Nino met Matt at a private online event for the signature classes Puppu and E-University.

Matt was an IGP trainer with a German shepherd and equipped with traditional skills. Nothing flashy, nothing that stood out. Matt really liked the STSK9 methodology and returned for more private training sessions. 

Short after we met in VA, were Nino selected Matt to get one of Nino’s dog Rocky his puppies. Matt also completed a three day private camp before leaving with his new puppy.

Nino and Matt stayed in touch for private training sessions. Matt fully emerged into the STSK9 Methodology and has now a staggering + 2.000.000 followers on TikTok.

He is one of the most creative trainers of today and we are proud to present Matt in our Student Gallery.



Josh Brock

A great American dog trainer who started working with Malinois about two years ago. Josh met Nino at his signature workshops Puppy and E- University. Josh was impressed with the STSK9 methodology and started implementing it in his daily routines.

Josh picked up the technical side of the system very fast and was able to excel to a new height and standard one does not usually see this fast.

Nino believes Josh is on his way to become a pro trainer given his talents and great adaptation to our training system UltimateControl.

Also notice Josh was able to replicate the learnings to a Labrador retriever. Making it one of the fastest and precise moving dogs in the US and perhaps even further.