10th June 2022 - 12th June 2022

STSK9 Master View Seminar

Head Trainer

Nino Drowaert

Nino applies his new methodology to coach dog trainers and professionals, he discovered that in order to establish and maintain absolute – or ultimate – control, you needed to understand, internalize, and ultimately master the Five Pillars of a dog’s skill.
– Movement, Visuals, Drive, Vocals, and Grip. When you master these, you will open doors for you and your dog that you never thought were possible to open.



UltimateControl was not about taking away the instinctual behaviors of the dog to achieve a result. It was built by examining what natural instincts needed to be left intact to foster an intense desire for drive and work while working with the dog and handler’s talent.

UltimateControl Orientation

UltimateControl Orientation

A day of introductions to the team and STSK9 Methodology

10th June
Global Intervision

Global Intervision

Diving into the five pillars, coaching, guidance, building foundation, and demonstrations.

11th June
Pillars & Certification

Pillars & Certification

Get deeper into the pillars with intensive hands-on practice, grasping the UltimateControl system.

12th June

With Dog

  • 1 Year Free Support


  • 1 Year Free Support

Save Your Spots

We have limited spots available for both working and auditing positions. 

*Refunds/Cancellations must be done 20 to 30 days before the event takes place

*We hold the right to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances (especially in the presence of COVID)


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the event start ?

June 10th until June 12th, 2022. 9 AM to 5 PM each day.

Where will the event take place & where can I stay for lodging?

17606 AR-16, Siloam Springs, AR 72761, United States

For lodging, please contact the host through his website here.

How much money does one entrance cost ?

$650 for a working spot (with one dog)

$500 for an auditing spot (without a dog)

Will there be STSK9 merchandise sold at the seminar?


When will registration close?

When all spots are filled, in case of a vacancy or cancellation – it will be announced.

What should I bring?
  • Light leash 3 foot
  • Food
  • Favorite drive toy
  • ECOLLAR when used
  • Clicker
  • Other equipment
Do I have to have a working dog to participate?

No, so long as your dog is willing to work and you’re willing to learn, you’re both welcome. 

Note: High motivation is recommended. Also used to working in environments since stress will kill drive.

Does my dog have to be a puppy?

No, all ages are welcome.

My dog is aggressive, can I bring him/her?

Since most sessions will be in small groups we don’t recommend bringing a reactive dog.

How can we contact you?

Through Instagram @stsk9 or email at info@stsk9.com

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