Nino applies his new methodology to coach dog trainers, professionals, and dog enthusiasts. He discovered that in order to establish and maintain absolute – or ultimate control – you need to understand, internalize, and ultimately master the Five Pillars of a dog’s skill.
Movement, Visuals, Drive, Vocals, and Grip. When you master these, you will open doors for yourself and your dog that you never thought were possible.

UltimateControl was not about taking away the instinctual behaviors of the dog to achieve a result. It was built by examining what natural instincts needed to be left intact to foster an intense desire for drive and work while working with the dog and handler’s talent.

We have limited spots available for both working and auditing positions. 

  • All participants will get to have their Talent Scan assessments done with feedback at the seminar.
  • No Refunds (refunds will be issued in the event the speaker cancels)
  • Dogs attending working spots will need to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations including flu and bordetella to the host facility prior to entering the facility.
  • We reserve the right to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances such as a change in guidance regarding COVID-19.

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