Puppy uni 2.0

See what tools we use in our toolboxes and talk:

  • Puppy selection
  • classical conditioning
  • Talent-skills in movement
  • markers
  • the use of positive and negative reinforcement
  • Real life pointers for trainers just starting out.
  • Tutorials with and without dog to understand movement
  • Videos with Nino his puppies
  • Videos from students


Puppy uni 2.0



The all new Puppy University 2.0 delivers all the content you asked for!

Join us as we breakdown a basic introduction of Ultimate Control© Methodology, examine and discuss the top three skills for handlers and dogs within each of the five pillars of Movement, Visuals, Vocals, drive, and grip development.

We will take a deep dive into the STSK9 MASTER VIEW™ , developed in 2020 with Prof. Marc Debisschop, and its role in talent + skill assessment for you and your dog.


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