Talent scan

Talent scans

STSK9 talent scans were developed in conjunction with Professor Marc Debisschop and are the first of their kind in the dog training industry.  After collaborating in 2019, Professor Debisschop and Nino discovered that the professor’s experience with his company TaPasCity, a strong brand in both business and education circles in terms of enabling talent development based on science and Ninos ultimate control systems shared similar common goals and could be used together to change the way industry evaluates dogs and handlers.

Through shared effort They combined professor Debisschops science-based plus validated research and psychometric evaluation of talent and energy management, with Nino’s extensive and progressive, holistic k9 approach. This pioneering science-based training method for working dogs accurately and uniquely identifies your and your dog’s inner talents. By using these scans, you can fast track your training and development, identify areas for improvement and create harmony in your training routine.

STSK9 designed the Talent Scan for trainers and dogs for multiple purposes. One of them is to see how you asses your own talents and dog’s talents. Self assessment is the first step to further growth.

We simply desire to discover all your talents! STSK9 wants to meet your needs and offer consultancy in all growth areas for you as a trainer and for your dog.
By reviewing STSK9’s assessment in contrast to yours, we can evaluate how your perception and ours can brings us closer to connect, communicate and coach the talents of both you and your dog.

At STSK9 we are convinced that everyone has talent that they can use to distinguish themselves in the environment which they live, train and work.  We believe that every individual has the right to gain insight to their distinctive talents and energy which allows them to discover their unique value, while learning to use it in their own personal way


Talent scan



“Talent is your unique ability to do things better and faster than others with less effort”

Are you wondering what inner talents you and your dog posses?

Identify areas for improvement and accelerate talents by understanding the process of their development. STSK9 Talent Scans are a scienced based psychometric evaluation of you and your dog’s talent and energy management, developed with Prof. Marc Debisschop.

Talent scans are paired with individualized feedback so you get a complete picture of what will lead to training success and personal growth.

It’s time to trust your talent!


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