Puppy University™

Puppy University™ is one of STSK9's signature courses. Designed for beginning and experienced handlers alike, Puppy University™ enables young dogs to learn the crucial foundation necessary for all aspects of technique and communication. It is the introduction to the UltimateControl® system that will allow you to master the 5 Pillars: Movement, Visuals, Vocals, Drive and Grip development.

Theoretical Component

Puppy university is based on two modules. The theoretical component contains 3 hours of lecture with video and/or demo dog support. Here you will learn Nino’s proven techniques. You will acquire new skills that you will practice with your dog, so that your dog’s obedience develops quickly, with precision, and happiness.

Practical Component

The practical component is spent on the training field where you will be practicing these new skills with your puppy or young dog under the skillful coaching of Nino. Those without a dog can audit this course, or request a loaner dog for events held at our STSK9 facility in VA. 

Some of the topics we will cover during the practical component are:

  • Focus, expression, speed, precision and consistency for young dogs
  • Different styles of creating perfect heeling
  • Correct way to create drive and grip
  • First steps to a clean “out “command
  • How to switch and moderate drives


After completion you will receive a certificate of attendance, and a useful handout with tips and reminders for the course. Puppy University™ is the perfect precursor to our E-Collar University™.

Download our 2019 Puppy University® Camp Brochure to learn all about
the topics covered during these events

During a training session look at your puppy and ask yourself, does this puppy love what it’s doing? If not, stop what you are doing!

Nino Drowaert

Head Trainer STSK9