Skill level:
Target audience:
Students looking for a complete insight on the five pillars starting from puppy.
Course requirements:
Open mind - Ability to move with your dog during practical sessions.
Course lenghth:
5 hours
$125 USD


Puppy University 1.0 is one of STSK9’s signature program offerings, providing a high-level introduction to the five pillars of Ultimate Control©. Discover how movement, visuals, vocals, drive, and grip development form a foundation for achieving success with your young, green or even adult dog.

Join us for 5 hours of in-depth conversation on a wide variety of important concepts including:

Join us for 5 hours of in-depth conversation on a wide variety of important concepts including:

Presented through conversation, theory, and video demonstrations to help you advance your knowledge.

This program is designed to introduce you to STSK9 methodology and does not contain step-by step tutorials (which can be found in puppy university 2.0) instead touching on a wide variety of important concepts for the development and advancement of young dogs.


We get lots of questions regarding the puppy university 1 & 2 and what the differences are, so for clarity here is the breakdown.

Puppy university 1 & 2.0 cover some similar information, the primary differences are in the delivery method. Puppy university 1 (five hour class) is a faster paced, high level overview of STSK9 Methodology, it is designed for students who have a good grasp of basic concepts and come from a background of experience working as trainers.

Puppy university 2.0 (four hour class) covers in depth what kind of skills and talents are needed to BE a better dog trainer. The content is delivered in a step by step basis with tutorials geared towards handlers that are just starting out and need a more detailed breakdown of individual steps and movements.

Both courses are full of content and as they are recorded live, there is always differences in how the content and concepts are presented, Students will find value in both courses and while there may be some overlap in concepts you will have the broadest and most complete experience by taking both courses. The Puppy University insights can be applied on puppies and dogs of any age. So not just young dogs or puppies.

If you are only taking one of the Puppy University courses:

Experienced handlers and trainers: Take puppy University 1 

New Handlers or students wanting step by step tutorials: Take Puppy University 2

Professionals and certification/accreditation students: Take both