Police K9 University

Police K9 University is an exclusive training program specifically designed for law enforcement, the military, and security agencies. Nino’s unique crossover from a high-level dog sports background to Police K9 work has allowed the development of the most modern training techniques. This course contains both theoretical and practical modules.

The theoretical module takes place in the classroom and covers the numerous factors that impacted on Nino’s work as a Police K9 Handler. The practical modules include:

  • Tactical obedience applications
  • Grip development for Police K9
  • Building searches
  • Team-apprehension techniques
  • Technical and practical muzzle work
  • Riot training
  • Role-playing scenarios
  • Extraction and capture of dangerous dogs
  • Decoy work for police operations
  • Scent detection. 


Only true street cred forms the backbone to Police K9 education and problem solving


Head Trainer STSK9 - Former Police k9 handler


  • Inspector of Belgian Police since 1999
  • Triple National Certified Police Dog Handler (2007, 2014, 2016)
  • Certified National Instructor “Use of Force” by Law Enforcement 
  • Certified National Instructor “Police Dogs”
  • Member of National Pedagogic Committee Board for Police Dogs
  • Instructor at the Police Academy Antwerp 
  • Key Note Speaker international Law Enforcement Conferences
  • Most registered deployments in biggest metropolitan police department. (Antwerp)

police k9 university

The full version of the Police K9 University consists of 14 different modules. This is a complete customizable course for the specific needs of a modern K9 unit. Our course is one of the most complete educational programs on the market that focuses as much on handler skill as it does on K9 development.