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Learn Nino’s proven training programs from the comfort of your own home! We recorded some of the previous LIVE sessions of online training, delivered live by Nino himself. You will have the opportunity to learn Nino's training system as if you were actually attending an in-person event! The webinars take approximately 4,5 hours. After you take one of Nino's classes you are eligible to contact Nino directly for private sessions and further coaching.

signature classes

Our online training covers all of the theory and practical application of Nino’s foundational work through the following signature courses: 

Puppy University™

E-Collar University™

Puppy University™

Puppy University™ is one of STSK9's signature courses. Designed for beginning and experienced handlers alike, Puppy University™ enables young dogs to learn the crucial foundation necessary for all aspects of technique and communication. It is the introduction to the UltimateControl® system that will allow you to master the 5 Pillars: Movement, Visuals, Vocals, Drive and Grip development. Make no mistake, the content delivered in this course is what you need to apply daily, regardless of the dog's age. This makes Puppy University a must follow if you truly want to master all the dog training skills.


$ 150
  • + 3,5 %TAX


E collar University™

E-collar University is based on mastering and controlling the five pillars of the UltimateControl® system: Movement, Drive, Visuals, Vocals and Grip. The proper use of an E-collar is one of the biggest challenges in dog training, but E-Collar University™ will ensure you walk the right path towards success with a happy dog! Discover Nino's unique way of using an E-Collar by simply ordering the webinar on-demand.


$ 150
  • +3,5 % fee

WEBINAR warning

The webinars are copyright protected. Sharing, selling or distribution of the content may result in legal actions. After receiving webinars and other services, we do not issue any refunds. Our webinars are spoken lectures with video support to explain the concepts. For optimal results it is important you understand our concepts and practice these new insights after watching the webinars. Puppy University 1.0 is NOT a tutorial webinar. It covers a wide variety of important concepts with demonstrations videos. If you are looking how to train basic puppy sit and stay this not recommended. We offer a follow-up webinar Puppy UNi 2.0 for more information about the exact movements you need to practice.


We offer a service with video reviews of your training and also an advanced coaching plan for professionals or people that are serious about achieving the highest standards. In order to enroll for both programs you have to watch or attend (seminar) one of the signature University classes first. The online review sessions are with Nino. Given their limited availability, we ask that you book these sessions in advance. For the advanced program scroll down and fill out the application below.

Looking for help after attending one of our classes?

our Online video review plans


$ 99
  • 1 VIDEO SUBMISSION (10 min)


$ 299
  • 3 VIDEO SUBMISSIONS (10 min each)
  • 3 LIVE VIDEO SESSIONS (40 min each)


$ 499
  • 5 VIDEO SUBMISSIONS (10 min)
  • 5 VIDEO VIDEO SESSIONS (30 min each)

Join The STSK9 University

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Looking for advanced personal training? Based on the scientific foundation and validation of what was developed within the TaPasCity® organisation – to profile the talent of people (rather than their competencies!), a completely new scientific method was extrapolated and developed for both dog and handler, bundled in the STSK9 Master View™.

marc debisschop
founder tapas - former olympian athlete - PRESIDENT STSK9


Founder of Tapascity, former Olympian, Doctor in Mathematics and Key Note speaker Marc Debisschop, is one of the pioneers who built a psychometric tool to measure skills, talent and leadership roles. TAPAScity's focus is mainly on coaching kids , students, professionals and top athletes to unlock their full potential. Marc, who is also passionate about dog sports, will offer his unique tool to help you unlock your own and dog’s full potential! Since early 2020, Marc has taken on the role of President of STSK9 LLC. Together with Nino, he has developed the STSK9 Master View, a revolutionary approach on modern dog training.

STSK9 master view

  1. Profiling the talent of the dog
  2. Profiling the talent of the dog trainer/handler
  3. Profiling the unconsciously guided behavioral patterns that hinder talent development. Both of the dog and dog trainer/handler
  4. From the above inventory, evaluate whether the talent of the dog trainer/handler is supportive in order to unlock the full potential of the dog
  5. Use all this information to set out the expectations of the handler
  6. Support the entire talent development process of dog trainer/handler and dog

None of the above 6 steps mention “skill-based dog training”. This is why STSK9 is completely innovative in the dog (sports) training world and therefore opens up and develops a much wider spectrum compared to any other training academy or form of training.

With the STSK9 Master View we also transcend the ‘one way and one thinking’ approach that is so specific to what emerges in the dog (training) world as ‘distinctive expertise’.

STSK9 is fascinated with understanding the ‘energy transition between dog and handler’ when the talents of both the handler and dog are known. Making that distinguishing factor visible and facilitating it is therefore also our ‘trademark’ and our ‘distinguishing talent’.

Therefore, STSK9 invites every dog trainer/handler – active anywhere in the world – to look together at how, through better knowledge of your talent and the ability to inventory the talent of a dog, you can grow into a dog trainer who knows how to use their own talent and passion for the development process of a dog to make a real difference.


STSK9 student application

WOW! I spent two days in clinic with Nino in California- I am astonished at how much information was disseminated in a powerful presentation backed by RESEARCH. Nino clearly has a talent and intuitive connection with the dogs that gives him great insight into the art off effective training. Much of what Nino shared was profoundly intriguing as he clearly dispells stigmas and myths that are commonplace in the sport and working dog world. Nino’s comprehension of dog behavior and application of his technique clearly indicates some significant developments are capable in all aspects of training; but most interestingly in developing dogs for sport and work. This is not in theory, clearly he has replicated his results repeatedly with many dogs. Nino is forthright, honest and clearly has done his homework. Mark’s insights are invaluable. Thank you Nino and Mark for showing me ways that eliminate conflict, assist the dogs intrinsic ability to learn behavior, yet remain content and able to access his natural drives and abilities!!!

Kimberlee Sue

Professional Trainer