Frequently Asked Questions


Can i bring my dog ?

Most venues have limited spaces for dogs and handlers. Only assistance dogs will be permitted inside the venue besides those that are working. Assistance dogs must not distract the dogs that are working, otherwise we might need to ask someone to stand with them at the back or temporarily just outside. During the theoretical part we prefer the dogs be kept in a crate.

I have a specific question, can I contact you?

Yes, of course! Send a message with the form above

If I can’t come, can someone else come in my place?

 Yes, that’s perfectly fine, we’d just need their name and contact details. If we receive this less than 48 hours before the event, then we will not be able to provide a replacement certificate. Booked spots are not refundable unfortunately.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

Yes, all attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

How old does my dog need to be for the Puppy University class?

Your puppy is welcome from the age of 8 weeks. The class is suitable for a dog of any age but we strive to have young dogs at our class. Usually the range between 8 weeks and 24 months.

How can I pay for the courses?

We support PayPal and accept all credit and debit cards.

Will the event be recorded / will photos be taken?

Photos, videos or live streaming will be taken at the events, either for social media, advertising or for DVDs of the events. If you do not want to appear on any of the media coverage, please let us know at the beginning of each day. No filming will be allowed by spectators or students

Do I need my dog for the online event?

No, It is a theoretical component and you don’t need your dog.

What do I bring to the class if I have a working spot?

Food, preferably meat rolls cut in pieces before starting. The dog’s favorite toy or tug also. Balls without a string cannot be used. Bring all the collars you have and we will pick the one that will work best.

We also provide loaner leashes and collars if your equipment is not fir for the task. Do not feed the dog before coming to the seminar please.