Skill level:
Target audience:
Trainers that need some serious comprehension and action plan on how to implement the most modern dog training tool of today
Course requirements:
Talent assessment is recommended
Course Length:
5 hours
$150 USD


The proper use of an e-collar and when to begin using it, is one of the most challenging decisions a trainer faces. STSK9 e-collar University is here to help you break down the history of this controversial tool, examine how it has shaped the working dog industry and how it can impact your training goals.

Utilizing STSK9’s innovative methodology our e-collar course can help you achieve higher levels of performance while building trust, speed and accuracy through development and nurturing of your dog’s confidence and happiness.

This course is theory intensive with video demonstrations and discussion of concepts containing 5 hrs. of:

Join Nino for this on demand course and ensure your E-collar journey follows a path that creates success and happiness for both you and your dog.