E-Collar University™ is an STSK9® signature course, and part of the introduction to the UltimateControl® system.

E collar University™

E-collar University is based on mastering and controlling the five pillars of the UltimateControl® system: Movement, Drive, Visuals, Vocals and Grip. The proper use of an E-collar is one of the biggest challenges in dog training, but E-Collar University™ will ensure you walk the right path towards success with a happy dog!

USA 030

E-Collar University™ focuses on teaching handlers and trainers how to reach higher levels of performance through the use of E-Collars. The theoretical component is 3 hours long, and includes topics such as teaching E-collar comprehension at different drive levels, building trust, speed and accuracy.  The practical component of the seminar will expose handlers and their dogs to many special high-performance exercises. E-Collar University™ aims to take your dog to the next level of training, while developing and nurturing the dog’s confidence and happiness. This is an excellent follow-up seminar to Puppy University™ and will bring dog handlers one step closer to mastering UltimateControl®.

Here are some practical topics covered during the E-Collar University™ sessions: 

E-collar impulse on a basic level
E-collar impulse as a negative reinforcement
E-collar as an activator and motivator
E-collar to improve focus, expression, speed, precision and consistency
E-collar for competition heeling
E-collar as non-verbal communication
E-collar use in high drives
E-collar use as a correction
E-collar in protection work
E-collars and puppies