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We understand that in-person events are not an option for every student. Geographical location, work schedule, and family commitments no longer need to stop you from learning Nino’s innovative methods and approach.

STSK9 is proud to provide an online training platform for students who may not be able to attend in person events the opportunity to learn from Nino himself, through pre recorded live training sessions. Online Courses and webinars can be viewed from your computer, tablet, or cell phone in the comfort of your home, on your schedule, at any time with unlimited access!
Online courses and webinars include hours of in-depth theory, discussion of critical concepts and video demonstrations of Nino’s foundational work to ensure online students receive the same high-quality education as in-person students.

As an added bonus, everyone who completes an Online university program is eligible to contact Nino directly for private sessions and further coaching. So, what are you waiting for? Join the STSK9 online community and start your journey to UltimateControl®.


After many years in the dog training industry Nino was still left feeling like standard and traditional methods were missing a key piece of the dog training puzzle.
The industry had failed to develop and progress. Innovation in training was non-existent and the phrase “we’ve always done it this way” was a mantra in sport rings, training schools and law enforcement agencies. The best performing dog was viewed as the
best coach/trainer, and that training method was accepted as the new standard of excellence without any critical or ethical questioning.
It was this mentality that started Ninos journey to develop a system that utilized a more holistic approach which would work with the dog’s natural ability and talents while maintaining the spirt of the dog. Nino believed that there was a better way, that he needed to develop a system that opened the door to what the dog is able to do, the innate talent that we had not discovered yet.


Are you wondering what inner talents you and your dog posses? 

Identify areas for improvement and accelerate talents by understanding the process of their development. STSK9 Talent Scans are a scienced based psychometric evaluation of you and your dog’s talent and energy management, developed with Prof. Marc Debisschop.

Talent scans are paired with one hour individualized feedback so you get a complete picture of what will lead to training success and personal growth. 

It’s time to trust your talent!


Student spotlight

At STSK9 we are proud of our student achievements, our student tab is a place where we can
show you what can be achieved with our system and effort. These students are from all over the
world! They started their journey to ultimate control with our online learning programs and
master path system. Now we want to share their successes with you through our student
Do you want to see your video in the spotlight? Its easy, take a course, refine your skills then
share your success in our online platforms like Facebook and Instagram for your chance to be
added to our student spotlight segment!


Whether you are looking to start out with a well bred puppy, a young dog that has already received some training or a finished and ready to go k9, STSK9’s dream Dog program likely has the dog of your dreams!

Each Dog in the Dream Dog Program is evaluated in 11 different categories and then assigned an individual score for each category.
Our scores range on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highestWe either breed or acquire our dogs for their abilities in the above and then they are priced based on these qualities plus the amount of training they have received. All pricing is adjusted as required to accommodate additional development and to accurately reflect each dog’s current value.





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